Love Mondays and Slay Fridays.

Office workers leap with enthusiasm over their workstation.

It has been quite a journey to here… From creating innovative design solutions for brands to managing, training and nurturing remote Virtual Assistant teams… to launching 100Ninjas. Because Every Champion Needs a Warrior.

What has been consistent throughout this journey are the things that have motivated me along the way; my desire to find a personal connection to what I was doing; to always be learning and growing; and to feel like I’m contributing something that can make a difference in people’s lives…. And hopefully help others achieve their own goals.

Why 100Ninjas?

I became more and more fascinated with the remote workforce as I managed and trained VAs individually and as part of a team. What motivates people who work remotely? How can we build a supportive remote workforce community? What systems can we design to help people work coherently and efficiently? How can we take all this knowledge and create a workforce made up of individuals who do great work, build strong relationships with their clients, and really enjoy what they do?

Over the years I have learned that the autonomy Virtual Assistants gain by working remotely is a powerful motivator. The freedom and flexibility gives VAs a strong sense of ownership and an eagerness to do their best work. It also gives VAs more control of their own lives. Happier workers are, naturally, more productive.

Working remotely, does not need to mean a lonely existence. People want to feel like they are part of something, and a supportive community translates into better work. Today’s communication tools make it possible to create a supportive community in a virtual environment, where ideas are shared, people help each other with tasks, and workers get to know each other.

The sense of empowerment that I want our Ninjas to feel is reflective of what 100Ninjas strives to give our clients…. The space to live their best lives.