Coworking Spaces That Inspire Productivity, Ideas & Connection

Whether you’re a remote professional, entrepreneur, or small start-up, the rise of the Coworking Space probably has not escaped your notice. Maybe you’ve even used one yourself. But if you think that Coworking is just a bunch of people working in the same building, you’d be very much mistaken. Can a workspace inspire productivity though?

What Is Coworking?

The concept was developed by Brad Neuberg in 2005. Neuberg wanted to combine the independence of working for one’s self with the structure and community that an office can provide. He set out to create a profoundly new way of working and exchanging ideas, that has since evolved into a global workplace movement centered around these core values:

  • Community
  • Openness
  • Collaboration
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability

These values open the door to limitless potential benefits for those who choose to take part. Working with people with shared values brings opportunities for friendly support, inspire productivity and inspiration from all angles- to name a few. Coworking spaces often host regular events designed to help you make connections and learn, chill-out spots for when you need a place to de-stress, and complimentary coffee and snacks for those low energy moments.

Back in the early days, when people curiously poked their heads into Neuberg’s first Coworking Space (but weren’t able to join since there was only space for five!), he gave them permission to “take this idea, steal it, and make it your own”. It was his open-source attitude that enabled coworking to become what it is today: An ever-expanding, progressive movement with no hierarchy; a place for dedicated individuals to work as, when and however they wish; a flexible worldwide community that’s rooted in its five core values.

Today, Coworking Spaces are everywhere, and for good reason. But what about those that have something a little extra special to give? We’ve scoured the United States for the cream of the Coworking crop- and this is what we’ve found:

  1. PARISOMA – San Francisco, CA

Ah, the city where it all started. Neuberg’s first Coworking Space was located at Spiral Muse, a feminist collective in the Mission District. San Francisco remains an important Coworking hub to this day.
Parisoma is home to a community of over 200 freelancers and entrepreneurs and, since opening in 2008, has become the Coworking Space to be for tech and design startups in the area. As well as offering the all-important amenities such as coffee, printing, phone booths and lightning-speed internet (“Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?”), Parisoma hosts regular workshops, which are available to everyone and free for their members. Their aim is to support people’s continued education in this ever-changing digital age; to share skills in design, tech and entrepreneurship which may ultimately enable their success. Community events, such as Friday Breakfasts, are also a major presence at Parisoma; these opportunities to meet, connect and celebrate one another are valued deeply.

  1. THE WING – New York, NY

“The Wing’s mission is the professional, civic, social and economic advancement of women through community.”

Founded in 2016, this Coworking Space is making waves in NYC and beyond. Their primary aim is to maintain the spirit of the women’s club, a movement formed in the late nineteenth century, in which pioneering women could connect with and support one another while they changed the world. All three of The Wing’s New York sites have something different to offer, from wellness suites to podcast rooms; city views to quiet spaces. Their Soho branch even houses The Little Wing, which offers playtime sessions, childcare and a variety of classes.

  1. GREEN SPACES – Denver, CO

Green Spaces is part trendy-exposed-brick-warehouse, part jungle, and if your business is looking to reduce its carbon footprint, this might be the place to set up camp. 160 solar panels cover their roof, which offset almost 100% of the energy used by their members, and repurposed materials make up much of the building. There’s also a “living wall,” indoor plants do a great job of detoxifying the air and emitting oxygen, which can boost the functionality and focus of the people around- great news if you’re a Coworker. And the cherry on top? Green Spaces is working towards becoming a “zero waste” company, making its environmental impact totally minimal.

  1. FUELED COLLECTIVE – Minneapolis, MN

Located on the historic Trading Floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, the Fueled Collective is a Coworking space that not only offers all the usual Coworking facilities where solo-entrepreneurs and companies can thrive, it also offers an after hours Social Club as part of your membership. After all, many problems have been solved and many businesses expanded over a cocktail. As Fueled Collective states, “It is a place to be professionally social.” They have created a place to gather and share life moments, supporting networking and fueling professional connections of all kinds.

  1. LOADING DOCK – Raleigh, NC

The team at Loading Dock believes that the best work gets done when you’re surrounded by a vibrant, supportive community- and that’s exactly what they’ve created. Oversized Coworking tables, social workspaces and multi-function conference rooms encourage that all-important connection with your Coworking colleagues. Community is at the heart of what they do.
They are located at the coolest space in Raleigh, Dock 1053, a creative community of “makers, entrepreneurs, artisans, retailers and forward thinkers.” Oh, and they’re pet-friendly. If having dogs around won’t help you connect, we don’t know what will.

  1. THE LAB MIAMI – Miami, FL

The Lab, Miami’s first ever coworking space, is located in a 10,000 square foot converted warehouse, in the eclectic Wynwood Arts District. The ultra-hip neighborhood is a perfect spot for this “creative campus for entrepreneurs and innovators.” The Lab is a place for the “creative, techie, or traditional professional.” Some of Miami’s brightest entrepreneurial minds have converged and collaborated in this innovative, inspiring environment.

  1. WORK WELL WIN – Austin, TX

Set among enormous trees and with nearby biking and hiking trails, Work Well Win could be mistaken for an outdoor adventure centre. In reality, of course, it’s a Coworking Space, the focus of which is wellness. They offer kombucha, cold brew coffee and beer on tap (hello, Monthly Community Happy Hour), as well as a CrossFit gym area, showers, massage chairs and an outdoor lounge complete with lush turf. The amenities here are something special, and their workspaces also hit the spot. A variety of light, leafy rooms are on offer: a Coworking Lounge, a “dedicated desk” option and repurposed shipping containers which serve as private offices for teams and executives, or conference room rentals.

If you love the idea of wellness at work, connecting with like-minded individuals while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, Work Well Win could be the spot for you.

  1. BEAUTY SHOPPE – Pittsburgh, PA

Hospitality is everything at Beauty Shoppe, a Coworking Space that transforms old buildings into bright, classy, flexible workspaces conducive to productivity. Not only are the environments within their seven Pittsburgh locations elegantly designed, but they promise to “bring transparency, attention to detail, and the utmost level of service to the coworking industry.” In other words, you are the priority at Beauty Shoppe.

A space that’s built on valuing its neighborhoods and neighbors (as is the Coworking way), Beauty Shoppe is inclusive of all people. That’s why they offer several memberships with “anytime, anywhere” access, including a half-price student membership for young worker bees who want to get productive and make their first connections in a real community, in the real world.

And that concludes our round-up! Without a doubt, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Coworking Spaces. No matter what space you work in, 100Ninjas would love to talk to you about how our Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business. Reach out to the 100Ninjas Team and learn more about how we can help you focus on what you do best.