Leadership With Integrity

It is conceivable to have integrity without being a leader, but it is impossible to be a leader without integrity. Let’s dig into that a little. At 100Ninjas, we understand integrity leadership with integrity in at least two ways:

First, integrity is doing exactly what we said we are going to do. Though in contemporary work culture, sometimes the idea that ‘our word is our bond’ seems like a quaint notion, any gifted and successful leader knows without doubt that sometimes doing what we said we would do–whatever that is– is as important as what we actually decide to do. The people who look to us for leadership are not only seeking to learn what to do, but are carefully watching how we do it. Watching a leader “own” their decisions and follow through with them–however they turn out– lets everyone know that their leader has integrity. It is on this foundation of integrity that crucially important trust is built.

The second pillar of leadership with integrity is doing the right and responsible thing even when no one is looking.

Remote work vs. hiding

One of the intriguing nuances in our developing societal conversations about the nature of contemporary work culture is the increasing practice of working remotely or telecommuting. One of the issues raised by remote jobs is really one of integrity. What prevents ‘remote’ from becoming ‘hidden’? How can we be assured that Virtual Assistants will do their best work when nobody is looking over their shoulder?

At 100Ninjas we believe integrity makes all the difference. Our Ninjas all understand themselves to be an integral part of the business team, leaders in their own right doing the job that needs to get done in the way it needs to be done–with talent, honesty, integrity, and just the right amount of perfectionism. And, as we’ve established, integrity creates trust and trust is what will inspire you to…delegate!

Delegation isn’t merely a chance to share the load, but an opportunity to let your team shine. Administer tasks according to your VA’s skills, or zone of genius, and keep the jobs you’re great at for yourself. It sounds simple, but playing to your strengths, rather than doling out tasks at random will have you both feeling accomplished and confident in your work. Effective delegation requires regular communication, encourages autonomy and demonstrates the value and trust you place in your Virtual Assistant.

100Ninjas is dedicated to finding your perfect virtual match, which will enable a partnership based on mutual respect, collaboration, and dedication to your cause.

How do we find such amazing Ninjas?

We take the matching process very seriously. First, we have a conversation with you about your work and the kind of assistance you’re looking for, and then we select a VA with a skillset, working style and personality to suit. We pride ourselves on our Ninjas having strengths in communication, collaboration, courtesy and of course integrity. If that sounds good to you, reach out to the 100Ninjas team and we’ll help you get started with your very own, dedicated Virtual Assistant.