The Idea of Time

This month at 100Ninjas we are exploring the idea of time.

Is there any resource as coveted as time? Time is the building block of the days and weeks that make up our lives and once spent can never be recovered. In fact, it’s notable that we talk about time as if it’s a currency. We “spend” our time in the same manner that we spend our dollars. When we start to think of all the things we hope to accomplish, we often lament that we simply do not have enough time to do them all.

How we spend our time takes on an even more significant meaning when we consider how we spend our time is how we spend our lives. When reaching the end of the week, it’s easy to look back and wonder where all the time went! It might be surprising for us to realize all the places our time disappears to throughout the day whether it’s waiting for our coffee at Starbucks or replying to emails. There is no shortage of items–desirable and undesirable–that demand our time. And yet for most of us, we continually strive to use our time wisely.

While the composition of time never changes, it does have a different feel as the seasons shift around us. When summer hits, time takes on a more fluid feeling. Staff leave to go on vacation, the kids are out of school, and some industries even close their offices early on Fridays. The days almost feel endless as daylight stretches into the later evening hours. Friends host barbecues and pool parties and an abundance of outdoor activities await our attention.

Despite the carefree feel summertime brings with it, work still has to be done. Duties and tasks don’t go away just because it’s vacation season! This feels especially true for the always busy entrepreneur! While it’s always important to rest and take time to recharge, it can be easy to let time slip away much more quickly during this season. Prioritizing objectives and discerning what projects need the most time becomes more important than ever. It’s also a good time to seek help whether that comes in the form of an intern or a virtual assistant, an extra pair of hands can really help lighten the load so that summer can still be fully enjoyed without feeling guilty for indulging in recreational activities.

Learning to be cognizant of the way we spend our time empowers dedicated professionals to feel like we are making the best use of this limited and valuable resource. Delegating some tasks, bringing on extra help, outsourcing some work, and cutting nonessential activities are all ways to create more of this important commodity! Summer is the perfect time to reassess your schedule and see where your time is going so that when the busy and bustling fall season arrives, you are refreshed and ready to tackle every opportunity ahead!