Five Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Every busy professional knows that time is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. No matter what has already been accomplished, there is always more to do! Some of the most successful business leaders have discovered, however, that they have a secret weapon at their disposal. A superhero waiting in the wings for them, a Virtual Assistant helps free up time by taking over tasks that enable them to focus on what they love and do best. It’s possible you’ve heard of a Virtual Assistant but don’t know just how powerful of a resource they can be to you in your professional life. Consider some of the ways they can help you discover more time in your schedule!

1) Research
When it comes to launching a new product or scoping out what the competition is good at, Virtual Assistants excel at research. Rather than spend your own time doing this very necessary but time consuming legwork, a VA can do the research for you so that you can focus on making decisions and crafting a plan of action based on it. Looking for a new vendor? Talk to your Virtual Assistant about what you need and let them discover and compare the many options available. Have your Virtual Assistant look for conferences specific to your industry so that you can expand your knowledge while meeting others who do the same thing you do. They can also help you find opportunities to speak or build your own platform. Thinking about launching a new product or service? Your Virtual Assistant can research both current market trends for you as well as the existing competition. A VA can also source gorgeous and unique images for your marketing. Unlock the true potential of your decision making by having a Virtual Assistant get you off on the right foot with detailed and thorough research on any subject matter.

2) Always Be Prepared
There’s always a lot to think about when it comes time to pitch a new product or report back to key stakeholders. While preparing for these events usually commands a chunk of time, delegating some aspects of the preparation to your Virtual Assistant will make the process more efficient. For example, if you need a sales deck or quarterly report to present for any meeting, your Virtual Assistant can take care of it for you. Let your VA put together a powerpoint presentation or report that showcases all your best data and selling points based on the guidelines you provide. They can also personalize or incorporate client content, proofread and copy edit text for clarity and precision, and ensure that your presentations and reports are visually appealing and easy to understand. This will free you up to spend your energy and time focusing on the presentation itself.

3) Solidify Your Relationships
Everyone knows that half the battle with networking is finding the right contacts. You can spend hours doing this yourself or you can save time by building a sample profile of the kind of contact you are looking to make and having your Virtual Assistant do some of the heavy lifting for you by researching new contacts on LinkedIn. They can also find local networking events that make sense for you to attend, and prepare you by looking at the guest lists and helping you find who you should make a special effort to connect with.

An important part of networking is being able to remember key points of past conversations. After a meeting, email your Virtual Assistant important notes that should be added to your contact’s records. That way, you can refer back to them when you continue your discussion at a later date.

With the overwhelming amount of email we all receive on a daily basis, it’s easy to let some important items slip through the cracks. Your VA can help manage and filter your inbox so that the most important messages don’t go unread. They can also flag anything you might have missed or that still needs a response. This both saves you time and makes you more efficient.

4) Shop Efficiently
When it comes time to thank a client, finding the perfect gift is so important. It can also be a time consuming task. Your Virtual Assistant can take this item off your plate by researching and finding the best gift to offer. They can also shop for employee anniversary gifts and company holiday gifts. If you need a new piece of office equipment your VA can research and help you find the right choice. Let them take on the task of ordering your office supplies as well so that everything is there for you when you need it.

It doesn’t have to stop there, though! Your VA can also save you significant time by looking for the ideal birthday gift for your nephew, that special anniversary gift for your friend, or anything else you need. Just communicate what you are looking for and they will find the perfect solution for you.

5) Plan an Event to Remember
Do you have an important event coming up for your business? Event planning often ends up taking up more time than expected. Whether you’re planning a conference, an office party, or even a grand opening, your Virtual Assistant can cover the tedious details for you so that it comes off without a hitch. From researching vendors, booking the perfect place, to issuing invitations and tracking expenses, your Virtual Assistant will make sure that this is an event everyone remembers for all the right reasons.

The most important thing to remember is that your Virtual Assistant has your back. Discover time you didn’t even know you had! Have questions about how a Virtual Assistant can help you? Contact 100Ninjas today!

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