How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Level Up Your Business

Discover how a Virtual Assistant can help you to save time, improve your copywriting, bolster your business and keep growing.

As an entrepreneur, doing everything yourself just isn’t sustainable. Scheduling client meetings, sifting through emails, adjusting for last minute travel delays, organizing events, and managing email campaigns…. Eventually you realize you’re not building your business, you’re just supporting it!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant gives you the time you need to focus on the tasks that can only be handled by you. A VA allows you the space to do what you do best.

Let’s take a closer look at how YOU can benefit from a Virtual Assistant!

Optimize Your Time
Your most precious resource is time. And how you use your time is what really matters. Whether meeting with investors or potential clients, strategizing for your next product pitch, or developing more cohesive and effective marketing concepts, your VA frees you from the distractions of your ever growing to-do list, while adding more productive hours to your day.

Maximize Your Productivity
While there are a wealth of great productivity tools out there, these only go so far in helping you get things done. When you’ve scheduled every second of your time and automated what you can, you may discover you still need that human touch, whether client-facing or within your staff. Delegating tasks to your VA means the work will get done efficiently and effectively and as a result you’ll be able to spend your energy on growing your business.

Avoid Hiring Frustrations
Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the right people for the right roles can be time consuming and frustrating. 100Ninjas simplifies the process and does this work for you. Having gone through our extremely rigorous interview and vetting process, we can assure you that each of our Virtual Assistants has the skills, experience and passion for their work that it takes to be part of your team. As they stand with you, we stand behind them.

Plan for Growth
Hiring a Virtual Assistant with 100Ninjas allows you to easily grow your business. You let us know the skills you are looking for in your VA and how much time you would like to start with. We understand that as your business grows, your needs evolve too. We make sure you continue to get exactly the dedicated support you need.

Make the Most of Your Relationships
100Ninjas makes sure that you get the most out of your VA service. Our Client Support Specialists, or as we call them, Support Sensei, provide an extra layer to assure quality work from your VA. Support Sensei’s are always available to answer any questions or offer additional assistance. Struggling with what tasks to assign your VA? Your Support Sensei can advise. Have an unusual project for your Virtual Assistant? We help make it go smoothly.

Save on Overhead Expenses
When you hire a VA you save on labor costs. You build your team without taking on the financial burden of increased office space. There’s also no need to worry about expenses associated with in-house staff. When you work with 100Ninjas you don’t worry about the cost of the hiring process either. You only pay for your VA’s time.

Delegate Diverse Tasks
Virtual Assistants provide a wide range of services. Here are just some of the things your VA can do for you:

Keep You Organized
VAs are relentlessly organized. Your VA will make sure all your meetings are scheduled, confirmed, and color-coded in your calendar. She’ll filter your inbox so you can easily review relevant emails. Databases are regularly updated and reconfigured to fit your swiftly changing needs. Your VA also makes sure you don’t miss any important birthdays. She’ll research gift options and make sure the perfect gift is purchased and sent.

Arrange Your Travel
Travel will be well researched, flights and hotels booked, dinner reservations set, and a detailed itinerary emailed to you. Your VA will assure that any last minute changes in travel are taken care of, all travel expenses are documented and if you left something on the plane or in your hotel room, she’ll even track it down.

Be That Extra Set of Eyes
Your VA can monitor conversations on social media, look out for articles and events that are relevant to your industry, research your competitors, and sift through your inbox to make sure you’re not missing the important stuff.

Help You Exceed Customer Expectations
Let your VA ensure you are delivering excellent customer service by responding quickly to inquiries, personally reaching out to customers to learn about their experience, and making your customers feel you are going above and beyond.

Rest Easy
Always just an email, text, or phone call away, your dedicated Virtual Assistant has your back. As a trusted, integral member of your team, your VA knows and understands the way you tick and how you run and love your business. 100Ninjas’ VAs easily stay 3 steps ahead of you so that you can stay focused on making your business everything it can be.

The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant are endless! Reach out to 100Ninjas and let us introduce you to your new VA, waiting to partner with you to move your business forward.

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