How Your Virtual Assistant Can Help You Prepare for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to get your Virtual Assistant on board to help with all the extra tasks and duties that inevitably come up. There are so many ways your Virtual Assistant can help you out this holiday season.

1. Thank Your Clients and Your Team Too!
The holiday season is the perfect time to thank your clients and your team. Your VA will make sure your cards get there in time for the holidays. Custom or boxed cards, she’ll choose the design, hand-write a note of your choosing, stamp and drop your cards in the mailbox. Want to do a little something extra? Your VA can research some great gift ideas to choose from.

2. Celebrate with a Holiday Party
Whether you’re planning a party for your team, clients, family or friends, your VA is the perfect person to trust with the details. She’ll help you find the ideal venue, book a caterer, give you ideas for decorations and gift bags, send out invitations, and do whatever else it takes to help you celebrate.

3. Give the Perfect Gifts
Shopping can be a time consuming addition to the holiday season. Hand your shopping list over to your VA and she’ll compare prices, purchase, add a personalized note and send each gift wherever you want it to go. If you’re looking for gift ideas, just tell your VA a little bit about the person the gift is for, give her a budget… and she’s on it!

4. Take a Vacation
The holidays are a great time to get away. Let your VA deal with all the hassle and planning for your ideal vacation. She’ll find that perfect spot, make the flight and hotel arrangements, research fun things to do in the area, and send you an itinerary. All you’ll need to do is pack your bags!!

If you prefer a staycation, let your VA make sure you spoil yourself a bit. She can book tickets to a show, find a great local restaurant, or suggest fun things to do nearby.

5. Relax on Vacation!
While you’re away, your Virtual Assistant can manage and organize your inbox for you, determine whether or not an email is urgent, check your voicemail regularly and alert you of any important calls, and send you a daily report about messages received during your absence.

6. Be the Perfect Host
Do you have family or friends coming to stay with you during the holidays? Your VA will make sure your fridge is fully stocked for when your guests arrive. She’ll make sure everything on your grocery list gets ordered including anything special or unique you might need for those delicious holiday recipes!

7. Social Media Support
Your Virtual Assistant can help with your holiday email marketing and social media campaigns, making sure your festive message reaches your audience. While you are away, rest easy knowing that your VA will maintain your online presence by scheduling your social media updates.

8. Keep Your Calendar Organized
With end of year projects and holiday parties, Holiday Season is extra busy! Your VA makes sure that all your end of year meetings get scheduled, all holiday party invitations receive an RSVP, and that everything is in your calendar–business and personal. She’ll even schedule reminders to send your dress to the dry cleaner to be ready for that gala event.

9. Year End Checklist
Let your Virtual Assistant help you wrap it up:

  • Your VA can track your year end reviews–including scheduling meetings, sending out self assessments to employees prior to the meetings, and tracking all this information on a spreadsheet.
  • Your VA can send out an end of year survey to customers thanking them for their business and asking how you can improve your service for the coming year.
  • Your VA can make sure all client and vendor information is up-to-date in your CRM.
  • Your VA can put together a list of your business’s accomplishments this year and share it with your team.

10. Giving Back
The holiday season is also about giving back, making an impact, appreciating what we have and reaching out to help others in need. Whether it’s volunteering at a local charity or raising money for a cause your organisation believes in, your VA can research team volunteer opportunities as well as options for charitable giving.

This holiday season your Virtual Assistant has you covered! Contact 100Ninjas today to get started.