6 Business Apps That Will Change Your Life

6 Business Apps That Will Change Your Life

We all think about the changes we want to make in our lives. We want to read more, but just can’t ever find the time. We want to learn how to play the saxophone and maybe inspire our children to take up an instrument, or learn some Portuguese so business trips to Portugal can be more satisfying. It’s the follow through that is so difficult. Whatever your goals, there are endless apps to help you stay the course and make a change in your life. Here are just a few apps to begin your exploration of what is out there.

Digit (IOS | Android)
Meeting financial goals can greatly reduce stress and clear your mind to think about other things. If you’re saving up for a vacation, pay off credit card debt, or just want to have a Rainy Day Fund, Digit analyzes your spending and saves what makes sense for your lifestyle. You can withdraw your money whenever you want and even receive a 1% savings bonus for saving for three months. 256-bit encryption secures your data and your money is FDIC insured.

Memrise (IOS | Android)
Learning a new language does not need to be a daunting task. Whether it’s for travel, increasing business prospects, connecting with new people and cultures, or polishing up on rusty skills, there are many language learning apps to help you reach your goals. Memrise lets you learn with the locals by integrating video clips of native speakers against the backdrop of their hometowns, and giving learners a real sense of the accents and culture. Memrise also uses fun games so you can practice your skills while keeping engaged and challenged. Downloading a course allows you to squeeze in a few minutes to learn new phrases wherever you are.

“The music and magic of words–that’s what A.Word.A.Day (AWAD) is all about.” Learning a new word every day certainly adds up, and AWAD makes it easy and fun.

Sign up to receive a daily email from AWAD. Each week the site picks a theme and sends you five words related to that theme. You’ll learn the definition, pronunciation, etymology (the history and origin of the word), and see it in action with examples of how it is used. Additionally, you’ll get a thought for the day to jumpstart your thinking. Make the process fun and see how you can use the new word you’ve learned in your conversations that day. As you grow your vocabulary, watch your life change!

Slowly (IOS | Android)
The high-speed world of text messages and emails has resulted in fewer and fewer people exchanging handwritten letters. Something has been lost in these quick messages relayed on the go: the unhurried, thoughtful, intentional, crafting of letters and the meaningful exchanges that emerge.
Slowly mimics the feel of a pen friendship that gradually builds over time. Pen friends use their phone to write and receive letters from new friends anywhere in the world. The letter is not delivered as quickly as a text message. How long your letter takes to arrive depends on how far away your pen friend lives.

Achievement (IOS | Android)
Achievement allows you to connect the various apps and wearable trackers you use to monitor your health and rewards you as you reach your goals. Whether walking, meditating, changing your diet, or just keeping track of your medical history, Achievement pulls all your information together into one app. As you hit your goals and accumulate points, you earn cash rewards. Users also have the opportunity to contribute to cutting edge health research through data they allow to be pulled from wearable trackers or surveys they voluntarily participate in. Achievers have participated in research including diabetes, mental health, chronic migraines, and many others.

Exist (IOS | Android)
Similar to Achievement, Exist allows you to connect your existing apps. Exist, however, goes beyond health to analyze the data from your activity and give you insights into when you’re at your most productive and happy. Connect your fitness and health apps, your calendar, your email, your social media apps, your to do lists, and even create custom tags to track things that can’t be measured by an app. Exist will combine this data to give you insights on the improvements you can make to continue to be happy, productive, and active.

It’s difficult to have the consistent discipline it takes to make positive changes in your life. These business apps can help keep you on track, but the biggest part of making that change happen is you.

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