Business Strategies to Focus on and Grow Your Business

A man looks at various growth charts on his tablet.

Strong business strategies are fundamental for most companies to grow. Business growth allows you to generate more sales and profits, reach new customers, receive bigger discounts from suppliers, and access more resources. Growth enables businesses to stay relevant to their customers by making it easier to engage and understand their audience and it allows businesses to be more innovative and stay competitive. That said, it can be a challenge to grow your business when your time and focus are consumed by day to day operations. Here are some strategies that will enable you to step back and focus on the big picture of growing your business.

Hire the Right People
Hiring the right people is essential if you want your company to thrive and succeed. Begin with creating a comprehensive picture of your ideal employee and your expectations of them, taking into consideration how you see the position growing over the next few years.

Have a solid understanding of your company culture and look at potential hires with this in mind. You want people who you will feel comfortable with in your company and vice versa. Hire employees you can trust to take on an assignment and do it well with little management or oversight. Consider their ability to work independently whether their experience has been on the job or on side projects. Look at their past experiences to see how they have handled complex problems and decision making. Ask them questions that will allow you to clearly understand how their goals and aspirations suit the job.

During the hiring process, take your time to make sure you have the right candidate. Consider offering a freelance assignment as a trial run to get to know them better and understand their work style. Make the experience fun and engaging. It’s their first experience working with you!

When you find the ideal candidate, make them a great offer! The right people are key to your business’s growth and success.

Your Virtual Assistant can help you in the hiring process, keep all your candidate information organized, schedule all interviews, and track each step of the process.

Focus on the Right Customers
It is crucial for businesses to identify the best customers for their product or service. Those customers understand the value of what you are offering and benefit from it. They believe in your product or service and will happily pay for it. They are loyal and will keep coming back even as competition increases. Ideal customers may be so happy with your product or service that they recommend it to colleagues, friends, and family.

The more clarity you have about who your ideal customer is, the more focused you can be on building your business effectively. It can be tempting to say “yes” to any potential client that approaches you, or to try and satisfy every potential customer’s requests. But, if you try to please everyone, you will make it difficult for potential customers to understand who you are and, in the end, they won’t sign on.

Optimize Your Process
Look at your processes. Identify any that you feel can be improved or that have caused blips or problems in the past. For each process you feel needs improvement, analyze it in its current state, clarify its purpose and goals, and evaluate any areas that can be eliminated. Revise the process according to your findings and implement your changes. Monitor the process closely and fine-tune it until it works seamlessly. Has it improved the workflow and performance of your organization? How does it affect other processes?

Your Virtual Assistant can clearly document each process, refining it as needed, and create a searchable system for those who need to access it.

Find the Tools that Work Best for Your Organization
There are endless applications that can help businesses organize projects, documents and data, run processes more efficiently, and even automate operations. There are tools for organizing expenses, tracking time, overseeing social media, communicating more effectively, managing relationships with clients, and much more. Take the time to understand which tools align best with your business objectives before adopting something new.

Your Virtual Assistant can research applications so you find the right tools to best suit your particular needs. She can also help with implementing the use of the tool in your business and getting team members on board.

Your Virtual Assistant can help you employ all of these strategies and more, so you can build the people, processes and tools into your business and know things are running efficiently. With your Virtual Assistant’s help, you’ll be able to step back from the daily operations and work on growing your business.

At 100Ninjas we have a Virtual Assistant excited to be a part of making your business growth a reality for you. Contact us today!