Strengthen Your Relationships and Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business
To help grow your business into a successful company, you need to build a foundation of good relationships. Here are some key considerations for nurturing these relationships and leveraging them to help grow your business.
Value Your Existing Customers
We are often so caught up in trying to find new clients, that we forget how important the relationships with our existing customers are. It costs a lot more to acquire a new customer than to sell to your existing customer. When your clients are happy with your product or service and trust you, they are more likely to keep purchasing from you and refer you to others. So go above and beyond to show your customers you’ve got their back. Listen and engage with your clients. When someone comes to you with a challenge, don’t respond with a one-size-fits-all approach. Look at the problem from different perspectives and deliver an answer that is tailored to their specific situation. Reach out to your clients for more than a casual check in. Show them you care by giving them something of value. Make suggestions of how they can get more out of your service. Invite them to events you think they would be interested in. Share information, tips and useful resources to help grow your business.

Understand Your Customers
If you want your customers to have the best possible experience, you need to understand them.
An optimal customer experience comes from knowing your customer so well that you can anticipate their needs, and go beyond what they expect. Get on the phone with your clients and find out what they love and don’t love about your product. Encourage honest feedback through customer surveys. Learn about their business and the environment they work in. Find out about their needs, challenges and goals. Stay current on what is happening in their industry. Stay on top of your social media platforms. Listen and learn from your customers. When you really understand your customers you are better able to provide them with what they need. You’ll gain insight on ways to improve your product, what it takes to stay relevant, and what prospective customers are looking for.

Stay Current on Social Media
Deepen your connection to your clients with a dynamic social media program. Post consistently so you establish a reliable presence. Provide content that is valuable to your existing customers as well as anyone that might be interested in using your services in the future. Advise your customers on products and services. Respond to customer issues or complaints. Demonstrate your expertise with informative content and strike up conversations. Listen to your audience. Ask them their opinions and ideas and provide content that naturally resonates with them.

Meet People Outside Your Comfort Zone
To grow your business, you need to shake it up a bit. Branch out. Become intentional about networking. Get into a habit of building and cultivating relationships. Make it a goal to reach out to at least one person a day, whether it’s following up with someone you just met or renewing an old connection. These relationships are valuable parts of not only building your business, but also your life. Be generous with your time and knowledge by finding opportunities to speak, teach or mentor someone in your field. Make connections with your competitors. These relationships are great opportunities to learn from each other. Help others be successful. If you know two people you feel will benefit from knowing one another, introduce them.

Develop Strategic Partnerships
A strategic partnership is a relationship between two non-competing businesses that is mutually beneficial. Strategic partnerships give you access to new markets and technologies, lower costs, and, as a result, add value for your customers. What could be better for customer relationships then improving value for them?

Manage Your Customer Relationships
Keeping track of customer information, client meetings, and potential clients is difficult. As a business expands, building and maintaining these relationships can be complex. CRM systems serve as a centralized database for organizing information on current customers, potential clients, past interactions and customer transactions. A CRM can help you keep up to date on your current customers’ needs, while making smart decisions about how to reach out to any prospective clients. A CRM can help you keep track of what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make informed decisions going forward.

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