How Producing in TV led to Success in Business

How Producing in TV Teaches Success in Business

To find success in business through the TV industry is no mean feat. That’s why we thought we’d share this great article by best-selling author, Stephanie Storey. She gave her thoughts to Entrepreneur on how years in the TV trenches taught her to focus under pressure.

Stephanie is the author of Oil and Marble, which The New York Times called “tremendously entertaining,” and the forthcoming, Raphael, Painter in Rome. She is also a TV producer of shows like ‘Alec Baldwin’ on ABC, ‘Arsenio Hall Show’ for CBS and Emmy-nominated ‘The Writers’ Room’ for Sundance.

Stephanie said:

While taping an upcoming episode of Entrepreneur’s ‘Get a Real Job’ podcast, I was reminiscing with host Dan Bova about our days producing television together. We shared stories about demanding talent, disastrous productions and great shows that never went. I left that conversation thinking about how much I’ve learned while producing television over the last twenty years. Specifically, I left thinking about how much producing television has taught me about success in business, and how I wouldn’t be an author without that experience.

Some of Stephanie’s favorite lessons from the TV business include:

  • There’s a new show every day
  • ‘No’ is as good as a ‘Yes’
  • Obstacles are opportunities for success
  • No matter how bad it seems, it will work out
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Don’t be intimidated
  • Insecurity is normal
  • Listen to your own voice

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