Mastering the Art of Delegation

Delegate More and Stop Micromanaging with Fast Company

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, isn’t it time that you stopped micromanaging and started to delegate more? That’s why we thought we’d share this great article from Fast Company on why business leaders need to master the art of delegation.

Written by Dina Smith, owner of Cognitas Coaching in San Francisco, she explains the numerous reasons why company heads need to delegate more. The root cause, fundamentally, relates to the fact that many people just don’t want to let go of control.

To build a strong and successful small business or startup, entrepreneurs need to delegate tasks. Even if it isn’t in their nature to do so. This is certainly something we understand at 100Ninjas. Our role when virtually assisting a company is to be that extra pair of hands that many people need. Sometimes doing everything yourself just isn’t sustainable, that’s why delegation is key. Hiring a Virtual Assistant gives you the time you need to focus on the tasks that can only be handled by you.

Dina’s key talking points include:

  • Quantifying the costs of not delegating
  • Identifying your fears and testing your assumptions
  • Accepting that success depends primarily on you

Dina said:

On the face of it, delegation looks like a straightforward managerial task. But as my experience coaching senior leaders can attest, in practice, it’s more challenging than it seems. Being a good leader requires you to master the art of delegating. Because if you don’t, you put a ceiling on your impact, invite ongoing overwhelm and negatively affect productivity, morale, and engagement on your team.

To find out more about this, click the link to visit Fast Company, and see how more delegation and less micromanagement, could help your business thrive.

Read the Fast Company article here