Improve Your Small Business Strategy

Improve Your Small Business Strategy

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your small business strategy, prioritizing your tasks is a great place to start. Whether it’s juggling projects, client meetings or reports, your ‘to-do’ list can feel like a job in itself.

At 100Ninjas, we understand that having a well thought out and organized task list is key to a productive day. That’s why we thought we’d share this great article with you by Rachel Kramer Bussel, for Fast Company.

Rachel said:

Keeping up with my to-do lists is hard. Often my lists don’t seem to have any priority, with larger tasks like “learn Instagram stories” cozied up next to “call insurance company” or “draft interview questions.” I felt like I could barely keep track of my multiple lists, meaning I’d often start one project, only to realize that a more urgent one needed my attention. I would set the first one aside, dive into the next, only to interrupt myself yet again. It felt overwhelming, and the lists, which I thought would help me get organized, were doing the opposite. I would randomly remember an urgent task that had somehow escaped the umpteenth iteration of a given list, sending me into a panic.

To help Rachel understand her issues, she decided to speak to organizational experts to help her better organize her time. Rashelle Isip, productivity consultant and author of How To Be More Organized Right Now, and Erik Fisher, host of the Beyond The To-Do List podcast, sat down with Rachel to help her analyze her ‘to-do’ lists. They came back with constructive opinions and best practices, including:

  • Understanding the broader purpose
  • How to organize and keep up your lists 
  • Choose a system that works for you
  • Which ‘do’s’ can I not do

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