Remote Working Strategies to Help Blunt the Coronavirus

Remote Working Strategies to Help Blunt the Coronavirus

There’s never been a more important time to improve your remote working strategies. More and more businesses are having their employees work from home as a result of the Coronavirus. That’s why we thought we’d share this important article by Dion Hinchcliffe for ZDNet. Hinchcliffe discusses the best strategies and tools you need to stay productive while working remotely.

At 100Ninjas, we and our Virtual Assistants have working remotely down to a fine art. But for many people, this is a whole new chapter to their working lives. With the health and safety of their employees in mind, businesses are now taking steps to help blunt the spread of the disease.

Many companies across the globe are now looking at contingency plans to avoid serious disruption to their operations. Remote working has been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Though never before has it been forced upon so many people as a safety precaution. Thankfully, there is now a whole host of digital tools to make remote work faster and easier. From productivity tools and collaboration apps to conferencing solutions, it’s never been easier to work remotely.

Don Hinchcliffe’s main strategies include:
  • Create a safe and effective foundation for remote digital access
  • Provide access to productivity, communication and collaboration tools
  • Develop remote working skills
  • Cultivate a remote working culture and mindset

Hinchliffe said:

When it comes to remote work, I find that most organizations are in the fairly early stages. Many have not committed enough yet to invest in full-blown strategies and enablement. Consequently, there is usually considerable room to improve the digital employee experience when working outside the office. To help organizations prepare for a surge in remote workers as the coronavirus story unfolds around the world, I’ve put together a fairly comprehensive quick start guide. This will help those organizations just getting started, as well as those who may already have existing remote work programs…

Click the link below to check out the full article on ZDNet and significantly upgrade your remote working strategies. Stay safe out there folks!

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