The Key to Productivity is Intentionality

The Key to Productivity is Intentionality

With the endless rolling news cycles about the current pandemic creating a crescendo of white noise, it can become increasingly difficult to concentrate. That’s why we are sharing Todd Gerber’s insightful article on how the key to productivity is intentionality. 

Todd is a senior director of product marketing at Adobe and has experience leading and motivating remote teams globally. He believes that the key to productivity is intentionality. Putting energy into figuring out the reasoning behind each interaction you make and acting directly on that thinking.

Are your emails and calls making a difference to your workload? If not, maybe you should take a step back and make changes on what you actually need to achieve your work goals. By setting parameters and staying inside those guidelines, you should be able to improve your daily productivity.

Topics Todd discusses in his article include:

  • Finding clarity in day to day workflow
  • Getting to the meat of meetings
  • Giving the mind space to innovate
Todd Gerber said:

I propose a different definition of productivity. It’s about selecting a specific focus for every interaction—and taking actions that arise out of that focus. In other words, productivity boils down to intentionality. The more energy you channel into discovering the true intent behind each conversation. The ask, the status update, the request for help. The more you’ll free yourself up to act in ways that drive meaningful advancement.

Click the link below to check out the full article over at Fast Company and learn how intentionality can help you focus and improve your day to day productivity, even during times of particular stress.

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