Move Your Executive Coaching Business Online

Move Your Executive Coaching Business Online

The current pandemic has made in-person business meetings almost impossible for most businesses worldwide. Learning to work from home has been a real eye-opener for many people. Though it may have taken some getting used to, settling into the ‘new norm’ has thrown open a window of opportunity for some businesses to grow their online capacity.

Executive business coaches offer a much needed service in helping individuals and organizations navigate these uncertain times. As many businesses are forced to adapt and offer their services remotely, this can be an opportunity for growth for a coaching business. Bringing your business coaching practice online dramatically expands your geographical reach and can significantly increase your ability to deliver services and value to clients trying to realize their full potential in this quickly shifting economic landscape.

As business coaches around the country transition and expand their online services it is an ideal time to hire a Virtual Assistant. With an extra pair of super-efficient hands, a Virtual Assistant can help with the planning, and the heavy lifting of administration, leaving you to concentrate on nurturing client relationships. 

A Virtual Assistant can help you execute the following strategies for growing your Executive Coaching business online.

Build an Online Membership Community
Your membership site can offer support, advice, content and community. A professional space where members learn, are inspired and network. With a monthly subscription, members gain access to pre-recorded trainings, live group coaching, members-only webinars, and networking opportunities. Membership sites are a great opportunity for recurring revenue.

Your Virtual Assistant can research leads for interested members, upload content, keep track of membership lists, collect testimonials and even coordinate guest speakers. 

Create Online Courses 
Online courses are a great way to augment your one-on-one coaching while scaling your business and making a bigger impact.

Your Virtual Assistant can add captions to videos, create templates using your branding, set up lesson content on your classroom platform, create worksheets to accompany lessons, send out emails to keep your clients on track, even remind them of due dates and live coaching sessions.

Increase Social Media Visibility
Boosting your brand through social media allows you to connect with people near and far who are a great match for your services. Interacting on social media is a fun, easy way to learn what your audience is looking for in an executive coach while spreading your message.

Your Virtual Assistant can schedule your posts across a variety of platforms, monitor the latest social media topics and trends, add events, blog posts and updates to your channels to ensure your clients and followers are kept totally up to date with your latest news.

Leverage Technology
When you find the perfect tool that makes doing what you do so much easier, you really wonder how you ever lived without it. As a coach you want tools that streamline and automate the systems that keep your business running, so you can maximise your time to focus on your client relationships.

Your Virtual Assistant can offer advice on, and can assist with the tools you really need to thrive: Client Relationship Management applications, online course building platforms, video recording software and form building applications– Virtual Assistants can do it all. 

Self-Publish a Book
If your brain is bursting with so much to share about your executive coaching expertise, you may be up for the challenge of writing a book. It’s a great way to help potential clients understand what you are all about and how your skills and insight can benefit them.

Your Virtual Assistant can proofread and fact-check your text, send out info to bloggers and reviewers, arrange interviews and deal with any press enquiries.

Create a Newsletter
A newsletter is a great way to share client success stories, offer details and links to your latest training, webinar, event and everything else you have planned in your calendar. By offering regular updates and insights, you can engage your community and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Your Virtual Assistant can help you create a branded newsletter template, ensure your mailing list is up to date, proofread articles, research images, and test all links and call-to-action buttons.

Now is the perfect time to move your Executive Coaching Business online. At 100Ninjas a Virtual Assistant excited to be a part of helping your business thrive is waiting for your call. With dedication and skill, your 100Ninjas VA stays 3 steps ahead, so you can sharpen your focus on making your business everything it can be. Contact us today!