About Us

100Ninjas accelerates corporate growth and success by providing highly trained Virtual Assistants. Clients pay a monthly subscription for a package of hours from a dedicated, expertly matched Virtual Assistant.

Our Ninjas work one-on-one with clients, getting to know business aims, project priorities, preferences and work styles. They are located in the US and work with clients all over the country in the preferred US time zone, East Coast (EST) or West Coast (PST).

100Ninjas services a wide array of businesses, but each client shares a common theme: the ambition to move forward at pace. The company’s enduring, long-term relationships are testament to its valuable and valued contribution.

Our Story

Monica Rawicz, the intrepid visionary behind 100Ninjas, is fiercely dedicated to helping clients achieve excellence. With a love for solving problems, Monica was a graphic design entrepreneur for many years. For most of the past decade Monica has managed and developed remote virtual support teams. Along the way she developed an obsession with understanding the elements that help individuals be more focused, productive and motivated. Driven by her passion for the possible, Monica launched 100Ninjas. Her vision: to help her clients create the space they need to be their best human and business selves.


We value trust, honesty and humility, working with quiet efficiency, dedicated to matching the right assistant to the right client.


We value endurance. We are diligent and vigorous in our work ethic, ensuring that there is never down time and always a back-up.


We value empowering our clients to be more productive through efficient work practices and knowledge of business systems.

We value getting things right the first time. We are sharp-eyed and observant, attentive and trustworthy.

We value curiosity. Our assistants are insightful, informed and intelligent, determined to seek out the best solution to any challenge.

Our Manifesto

We are Warriors. Virtual Warriors.

We work diligently and intelligently, without fear of a challenge.

We rise each day ready to conquer. It’s a mindset we share with each other, and with our clients. An attitude. A desire to solve, to finish, to meet and match every challenge.

It’s the kind of spirit that means Monday is a good thing.

We are doers, thinkers, resolvers and finishers. We are the schedulers, the invoicers, the budgeters, the researchers, the planners, the diggers and the delvers. We are the curious ones, the error-spotters, the T-crossers and I-dotters.

We believe in the Power of Delegation. That a problem shared is a problem solved. We kill time wasters, not time. We match the right people with the right client and the right solution with the best results.

We value discipline and endurance, courage and tenacity, loyalty and humility, vigilance and vigor. We believe in quietly achieving, in living in the shadows. We are not motivated by our own glory, but by the balance we bring our clients.

Our quest is simple: to unleash human and business potential.

Every champion needs a Warrior. We are Warriors. Virtual Warriors.

Talk to us. We’ll get back to you at Ninja speed.