Epic Virtual Assistant Services

Our Virtual Assistants excel in swiftly understanding your organization and your needs. They don’t require lengthy inductions. Our Ninjas are highly trained, trustworthy and ridiculously efficient, fueling business achievement with agility.

Everything you would expect from a Ninja.

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Do you need time to focus and conquer workloads?

Do you struggle to balance work, home, aspirations and goals?

Are your superpowers powering admin and not growth?


+ Inbox filtering and management
+ Expenses tracking and categorization
+ Transcription and data entry
+ Event planning and organization


+ Email campaign supervision
+ Social media and content management
+ Precision proof newsletters and blog posts
Accelerate your crowdfunding campaign


Bookings and preferences management
+ Meticulous itinerary planning
Lost or damaged luggage resolution
+ International travel paperwork


+ Appointment scheduling
+ Perfect gift purchasing
+ Event planning and organization
+ Bills and receipt tracking


+ Powerhouse calendar management
+ Diligent meeting confirmation
+ Multiple calendars coordination
+ Decisive rescheduling


+ Vendor products and services comparison
+ Market activity and trends investigation
+ Images curation for presentations
+ Relevant conferences and event tracking

Our Clients

  • Entrepreneurs looking to build scale
  • Solopreneurs seeking multi skilled input
  • Executives wanting to thrive and succeed
  • Corporate teams needing to boost output
  • Small businesses striving to run more efficiently
  • Enterprises seeking flexible staffing
Our Ninjas in Action

Can you find me a kettlebell trainer for my trip to London next week?

I want to attract businesses in retirement financial services. Can you create a database?

I’d like you to start scheduling and posting our daily blogs and social media content.

Can you send me a chart comparing
pet insurance plans?

Can you create a searchable, updated document with the attached 1200+ contacts and their corresponding categories?

We’re moving offices. Can you coordinate people, equipment and communications?

Getting Started

Tell us your story

What’s draining your time and what tasks do you need tackling?

Get the perfect match

We match you with the best Ninja to suit your business and style of working.

Slay Fridays

Love Mondays, win Wednesdays and conquer Fridays.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our Support Sensei are with you all along the way, ensuring a strong relationship between client and Ninja.

Conquer your workload with a dedicated Virtual Assistant.