Supercharge Your Business with a Virtual Assistant

Love Mondays.
We Do.
Because Champions Need Warriors
100Ninjas unlocks business time and energy.

We expertly match clients to one of our skillful, intelligent Virtual Assistants who are able to quickly assimilate, automate and anticipate tasks.

We are Virtual Assistants.
We are Virtual Warriors.


Highly skilled assistance for any type of business.


Agile calendar management to optimize productivity.


Discreet personal support and home management.


Meticulous travel and itinerary planning.


Insightful social media and content support.


Rigorous marketing and sales research.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

We provide a human connection, and with it comes loyalty and vigilance.

100Ninjas mobilizes businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive. Retaining a 100Ninjas Virtual Assistant saves you time, money and office space and removes the inherent risk in brick and mortar hires. There is never down time, we provide continuous support with assistant back-up for vacations and emergencies. Our Client Support Specialists, or as we call them, Support Sensei, assist with on-boarding and guidance, providing regular relationship check-ins.

Heroic Customer Service
Tailored Matches

We invest in establishing highly tailored Virtual Assistant matches, pairing both skills and personality. With a wide array of capabilities and backgrounds, we are adept at selecting the right Ninja for the right role.

Experienced Professionals

We only recruit experienced, highly skilled, US based Virtual Assistants. Computer savvy, they are stellar communicators, passionate team players and consummately professional.

Client Support Specialists

Our Support Sensei provide ongoing support to clients, assisting with on-boarding and communication to ensure that every relationship remains productive. Although rarely needed, we always make staffing changes at the client’s request.

Our Ninja Quest

Our Ninjas unleash human and business potential. Focused, fearless and faithful, our Ninjas are remote in location only. We share a work ethic with each other, and with our clients. A desire to solve, to finish, to meet and match every challenge.

It’s a mindset that embraces Mondays and slays Fridays.

“As a small business owner, having a Virtual Assistant has been amazingly freeing, allowing me to effortlessly delegate many tasks that had been bogging me down. My “Ninja” and I have been working together for almost 3 years. We’ve developed our own code. I can’t imagine how I ever functioned without her!”

Danielle Dardashti, Founder – dash. branded content

“100 Ninjas is indispensable to both our NYC and LA teams….100 Ninjas lets me focus on the most demanding aspects of my job while knowing meetings, calls, and other important follow ups are not falling through the cracks. My Ninja often saves the day, finding quick solutions to get me out of a bind- last minute travel changes or rescheduling meetings. The time and focus this brings makes me better at what I do…100 Ninjas has brought me work life balance, giving me back countless hours of family time”

Will Szczerbiak, Partner, Greycroft

“Our business is founded on relationships. As the orchestrator of 25-35 meetings per week, our Virtual Assistant is the oxygen that keeps FinTech Collective thriving. She is a seamless extension of our firm, always acting with professionalism, urgency, and care.”

Brooks Gibbins
Co-Founder and Managing Partner,
FinTech Collective

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