Monica Rawicz

Invest in Your Employees Growth

24 Jan: Invest in Your Employees Growth

When you invest in helping your employees growth, you are investing in your business. If your employees are your most valuable asset, how can you unlock their real potential and create an environment where they are fully engaged? Take…

A Practical Guide to Self Reflection

07 Dec: A Practical Guide to Self Reflection

Self reflection is about understanding yourself, your actions and your values. It is looking back and learning and growing from past experiences, challenges, and decisions. Reflection plays an important role in the success of leaders and organizations, paving the…

Overhead view of a business team analyzing data and strategizing. They are each at their laptops with colorful charts.

10 Nov: Strategies for Change in Your Business

Implementing strategies for change in your business can be frustrating for some and exciting for others. Whether a modification in business procedures, adopting a new technology solution, or revamping your business model, it’s crucial to get your employees onboard if…