Monica Rawicz

A woman looks up curiously at books on a shelf.

06 Sep: 5 Ways to Ignite Workplace Curiosity

Workplace curiosity has a way of opening up our busnesses and deepening our engagement with it. Curiosity pushes us to think differently and drives us forward, propelling us to explore new solutions and possibilities. Curiosity is invaluable in igniting…

A boy helps another boy up after falling off his scooter.

14 Jul: Leadership With Integrity

It is conceivable to have integrity without being a leader, but it is impossible to be a leader without integrity. Let’s dig into that a little. At 100Ninjas, we understand integrity leadership with integrity in at least two ways:…

A bell that demonstrates the meaning of integrity.

28 Jun: Integrity

This month at 100Ninjas we are exploring the idea of Integrity… Every day, the principal at my son’s school makes a habit of saying “have a nice day” to students as they leave the building. Many students may smile…