Monica Rawicz

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03 Jun: Human Connection

This month at 100Ninjas we are exploring the idea of Human Connection… Aristotle once said, “Man is, by nature, a social animal.” We have evolved to connect with others. We crave that human connection, the experience of being heard…

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06 May: I Love My Virtual Assistant

I love my Ninja. Her name is Debs.
It is sort of strange to be sitting in the seat of a client when I sat in the seat of a Virtual Assistant for so long. I wonder if I was ever as good as she is. It’s so hard to get into the flow of things when I’m distracted by the ever growing list of things that needs to be done. Debs seems happy to take care of anything I throw her way. Researching vendors, making reservations for my daughter’s graduation weekend, reviewing voice messages, filtering job applications, finding voiceover talent, getting printing quotes, providing social media support…

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15 Apr: Love Mondays and Slay Fridays.

It has been quite a journey to here… From creating innovative design solutions for brands to managing, training and nurturing remote Virtual Assistant teams… to launching 100Ninjas. Because Every Champion Needs a Warrior.What has been consistent throughout this journey are the things that have motivated me along the way; my desire to find a personal connection to what I was doing; to always be learning and growing; and to feel like I’m contributing something that can make a difference in people’s lives….